Face Lifting

Youthen your skin and uncover a new confidence
What is a Facelift?

Your face and neck usually display the first signs of ageing. Wrinkles and unwanted lines consume our facial features and your youthfulness starts to slip away. Although this is the natural process of our body, it isn’t what we desire when it comes to our skin – especially when it is such a prominent part of your person. Luckily, we have the perfect solution.


What are the benefits of a Facelift?
  • Restores youthfulness to your face and neck
  • Tightens and smoothes the appearance of your skin
  • Appears to regain elasticity in your skin
  • Eliminates wrinkles, saggy skin and lines
What are my options?


We offer 2 great solutions!

Option 1: Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers offer a simple, painless and effective way to knock years off your appearance. Dermal fillers are gels that consist of a substance which mimics what is naturally found under the skin – this means they are chemically identical to your own skin’s ‘natural filler’. The natural gel within the filler is completely safe, and encourages the skin to produce more collagen which restores that strong and youthful appearance.

What is the process of Dermal Fillers? What is involved?

As we age, we start to lose volume, elasticity and natural hydration in our face. This is caused by the body’s decreased ability to produce collagen and elastin.  This is a fast and easy treatment; the fillers are administered through tiny needles which inject the gel into targeted areas on the face. The results are visible almost instantly. Made from hyaluronic gel – a natural sugar already present in the human body – Dermal fillers are an affordable way to replicate natural functions, restoring fullness and volume in numerous facial areas.

Plus: Dermal fillers are a non-invasive treatment, which allows you to return to your normal daily activities immediately following your treatment!

Option 2: A Thread Lift

A thread liftresembles the results of a tradition facelift with the benefits of a less invasive procedure! Thread lifts use unique clear threads (made of polypropylene) as anchors to pull in and tighten loose skin.


What is the process? What is involved?

The process is minimally invasive. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. From here the Polypropylene threads are inserted into the skin using a large needle. They latch on to the skin underneath the surface and act as an anchor to pull, reposition and tighten your skin.

The threads are synthetic and will absorb in your body.

Plus: The benefit of a thread lift is the quick recovery. Pain killers will be issued post-treatment to cater for any swelling, bruising or discomfort you may experience 2-3 days after the procedure.

Consult with Dr Morris Dong; discover how a Face Lift could benefit your life today

After a consultation with Dr Morris Dong, your desired results and expectations will be thoroughly discussed, a treatment plan will be outlined to suit your individual needs and a detailed examination of your specific case will be provided.

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