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What causes crowded teeth?

Unfortunately we can’t always control how our teeth grow, just like we can’t control the colour of our hair or eyes! The most common cause of crooked or crowded teeth is genetics. Dental traits that lead to crowded teeth and jaw misalignment are often inherited from our parents.

A common cause of crooked teeth can also be related to the size of our mouths, bad habits; developed from a young age (thumb sucking/ tongue thrusting), illness or injury; including trauma to the mouth or jaw, and even just bad timing; such as premature tooth loss.


Are crowded teeth really an issue?

We all feel self-conscious about our teeth at some point in our lives.. We want that perfect “Hollywood” smile. Some people understand that having crooked teeth affects the way they eat or breath. We often look at the price tag without understanding the real benefits to straightening up those pearly whites. So.. are crooked teeth really an issue…?

Simply – Yes. Whether the issue is aesthetic or a genuine health concern, crooked teeth can really impact the natural functions of your mouth. As you age and mature, untreated oral problems can worsen and have detrimental impacts to your long term dental health.


How can I improve my crowded teeth?

This is where we come in…

The perfect solution: Invisalign®!

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment which effectively aligns your smile whilst fixing a number of other orthodontics issues that may occur, without the need for metal braces. With the convenience of clear removable aligners, you can maintain your confidence at any age and at any stage! Invisalign helps correct the insecurities you may be facing with your teeth. Over-crowded or widely spaced teeth, cross-bites, over bites and underbites can be seen as unattractive or distracting to most people. Invisalign is an effective treatment to help subtlety straighten your teeth, eliminating self-consciousness and embarrassment caused by issues surrounding the aesthetic of your smile. Proper alignment and positioning of your teeth and jaw are key factors in maintaining adequate dental health. Invisalign is a reliable and recommended solution to realigning your teeth and jaw, so you don’t face serious dental issues further down the line.


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After a consultation with Dr Morris Dong, your desired results and expectations will be thoroughly discussed, a treatment plan will be outlined to suit your individual needs and a detailed examination of your specific case will be provided.

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