Old Silver, Black Fillings

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Why do I have Silver and Black Fillings?

If we ever had to get fillings done “back in the day”, we would have noticed that they were given to us in the form of a silver filling.

Amalgam – a mixed metal substance used to fill in dental cavities, was once seen as a great solution in early dentistry but has since been replaced with a safer and more aesthetic product: Composite Resign. When exposed to the elements of water, the metals used in Amalgam start to decompose – this is why your metal fillings are turning black.


Should I get them replaced?

Yes. We recommend that you get them replaced. Mercury, being a key material within Amalgam has most recently raised health concerns among patients, worried about the side-effects associated with having a filling which contains such a harmful substance. Numerous scientific studies have shown that Amalgam fillings release significant amounts of Mercury into your mouth throughout the lifetime of a silver filling. Fear not! You aren’t in immediate danger….

Although we recommend getting it replaced as soon as possible, Dental Amalgam doesn’t pose as an instant threat or health risk to most patients. It is, however, commonly seen as unattractive and often causes physical insecurities. The discolouration of a silver filling and the extent to which it stands out amongst your other teeth is seen as a physical issue among most patients.


Whats our solution?

Amalgam Removal – Replacing the Silver/ Black Filling with Porcelain Inlays.

The removal process is quite simple and painless! Dr. Dong will safely remove the Silver/ Black filling and replace it with the composite resign (porcelain Inlays).

Composite resign is the recommended material for replacing your Amalgam filling. This is a harmless ceramic substance which not only blends in with the natural colour if your tooth, but provides a more attractive and satisfying smile. This strong material achieves the same results as the Amalgam filling, although it poses less of a health risk and is more aesthetically pleasing.

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