Spaced, Gappy Teeth

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What causes spaced or Gappy teeth?

Diastema (Spaced and Gappy Teeth) are caused by a variety of different issues:

  • Genetics – Undersized teeth (The size and shape or your teeth in comparison to the size of your jaw.)
  • Bad Oral Habits (Decay; Incorrect Oral Hygiene with baby teeth)
  • Bad habits as a child (Thumb Sucking; Tongue Thrusting)
  • Missing Teeth


How will they affect me?

When there are gaps in your teeth or your teeth are missing, the structure of the jaw is drastically impacted and can significantly change the shape of your smile, how you chew and even how you speak. When teeth are missing or spaced out, many patients are unaware that it can have a profound affect on the structure of their jaw.

In general your teeth are constantly moving. Missing or teeth that are not filled allow for your other remaining teeth to move into the space, causing spacing issues which can be painful. Permanent solutions, such as Invisalign or treatment with Crowns/ Veneers allow you to maintain proper chewing function and keep your jawbone functional and healthy.


What are my options?


Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment which effectively aligns your smile whilst fixing a number of other orthodontics issues that may occur, without the need for metal braces. With the convenience of clear removable aligners, you can maintain your confidence at any age and at any stage! Invisalign® helps correct the insecurities you may be facing with your teeth. Over-crowded or widely spaced teeth, cross-bites, over bites and underbites can be seen as unattractive or distracting to most people. Invisalign® is an effective treatment to help subtlety straighten your teeth, eliminating self-consciousness and embarrassment caused by issues surrounding the aesthetic of your smile. Proper alignment and positioning of your teeth and jaw are key factors in maintaining adequate dental health. Invisalign® is a reliable and recommended solution to realigning your teeth and jaw, so you don’t face serious dental issues further down the line.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers!

Crowns and Veneers are made out of porcelain, a strong and resilient material, which conveniently replicated the colour, shape and overall look of perfect, healthy teeth. You can receive various types of Veneers and Crowns – anything from a naturalistic colour to that famous “Hollywood Smile”. Veneers and Crowns are uniquely designed and tailored to achieve your desired result.

Vaneers are commonly used for aesthetic purposes; such as mildly discoloured teeth, stained teeth, teeth that show enamel cracks, teeth that are short in length or need re-shaping to fill out a smile. They are a permanent solution!


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